Leigh Warren Dance Hub residence August 5 - 10, 2017

Humans Anonymous is a work that uses text, humour, physical movement and audience interaction to remind us that deep down we are all the same. 

Humanity has been a large theme for my works during my young career. Spending time travelling and participating in movement workshops during 2016 clarified for myself that skin colour, religion, language and race are not barriers but conversation starters to learning new things. What I found most interesting was learning to move with people when we couldn't communicate through a common language, instread we found other languages. The language of listening, watching and trusting with our bodies. These moments were some of the most wonderful breakthroughs in my dance learning and I wish to share this with a wider community, both dancer and non-dancer (because under our insecurities we all have the ability to get a little bit groovy).

The goal for our work is to make the audience feel at home in our space,  to allow them to make their own artist choices within our work and most importantly for us to break the barrier between audience and performer and come together as humans.

I came to the studio with a main theme of exploring connection between humans but I had very little idea of what the outcome would look like. I was lucky enough to have five dancers in the space who all had very different ways of creating, which was both a challenging and wonderful experience. The residency allowed myself and the five artists to talk, move and challenge ourselves both physically and mentally as well as form new artistic connection. The work that we created in five days was nothing like any work I have created before,  it was very out of my comfort zone but also very exciting.


Images from LWDance Hub Artist In Residence program

Artist in Residence: Ruby Dolman, August 2017

Photo Credit: Alexander Waite Mitchell