Building a community of like minded souls

Atman is the word for soul in Sanskrit, self & breath. Through yoga & meditation we increase self-awareness of our Atman, and each person's Atman becomes a part of the universal Brahman, the higher being and the spirit of the universe.

The Atman Project is based on bringing together like minded humans to share a little help and empower those in need.



The Atman Project is holding a 90 minute yoga and meditation sesh to raise a little money and awareness for the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar.

The Rohingya community are a stateless Muslim minority who have faced discrimination in Myanmar for decades.

Recent violence has sparked an unfortunate crisis for more than 320,000 Rohingya children who have made the gruelling journey to Bangladesh.

Children did not start this conflict but they are caught in the middle, we at the Atman Project believe every child has the right to be safe and supported so join us on the 21st of January for some mindful moving and sharing a little hope for those in need.



Let's come together and raise money for the SYRIAN crisis and take some time to think of those less fortunate than us.

2.30pm - 4.00pm YOGA & MEDITATION (no experience needed)

Find us at SPEAKERS CORNER - Botanic Park. We will be in there from 2pm so you are welcome to come early!

Yoga & meditation will be taught by the wonderful Caitlin Williams.

Please bring a yoga mat (or towel), water bottle, a friend, positive vibes and any donations are welcome.

All donations will go to the UNICEF - Syria Crisis Appeal to supply
Clean toilets
Safe places and shelter
Trauma counselling
Winter clothing &
Vaccinations to children in need

Invite your friends, we would love your support!